December 25

Read John 1:1-14.

“Is that it?!” 

One Christmas Day, my husband and I were mortified when one of our three young children uttered these three words after opening several generous gifts from their grandparents: “Is that it?!” All the hype leading up to Christmas day made the actual day a serious let down for our little one. We certainly worked harder after this experience to keep the commercialism in check and focus on the miracle, meaning, and mystery of the birth of Jesus, “the Word became flesh.”

Those of us who are “adulting” feel that way sometimes too. Many times, we reach a point that we thought was going to be an inflection point: passing a test, finishing an internship, getting your own place, or reaching your 21st birthday, but we find ourselves wondering, “Is that it?!”

John 1:1 mimics Genesis 1:1, “in the beginning,” reminding us of the eternal nature of the Word, of Jesus as Divine Creator. By verse 14, we are firmly planted in the earthly reality that God chose to share with us in a physical body, Jesus Christ.

The birth of Jesus was another beginning in the covenant relationship where God is always faithful, despite the many times we fail to be and do that which reflects our Christian faith. By the power of the Holy Spirit, God is STILL with us, and every milestone, every significant event, is a new beginning.

On this Christmas Day, if the words “is that it?” ring true for you, know that the Word made flesh, the Light of Life, STILL shines in the darkness and the darkness does NOT extinguish it.


Lord of life and light, thank you for coming to us in the beginning and always being with us. Open our hearts and minds to welcome you and believe in your name. In every situation, enable us to know your presence, full of kindness and divine truth. Glory to God! Ashe. Amen.

Rev. L. British Hyrams

Campus Minister

Presbyterian Campus Ministry at NCCU

Editor’s Note: This reflection and prayer are part of our new-this-year companion guide, which also features additional resources for each Sunday in Advent and Christmas, including candle lighting liturgies, context about the Scripture readings, and discussion questions. Find the companion guide here.

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