December 24

Read Luke 2:1-20.

A canceled flight, a lost connection.

A winter storm, a season for reflection.

A family that has cut them off,

a line in the sand which cannot be crossed.

No place to go but where we are,

A journey home is much too far.

An inn that cannot take them in,

sent to the barn to breathe and begin.

They welcome God to life on earth,

Love and grace flow from this birth.

No place to go but where they are,

God has come under a star.

All our lives, we journey on.

But on this night, we pause and yawn.

We rest in God’s sincere embrace,

Trusting that this is the case:

God has come so we are never alone.

God has come so that love is known.

God has come to live with the people,

        not to reside inside a steeple.

God has come so that our care

        extends to neighbors everywhere.

God has come to show us peace,

        and free us from all certainty.

The journey home is not too far,

For God has come, right where we are.


God who has come, draw us into your embrace. On this night of nativity, light the sky with your stars of promise. Remind us that we are all home in your love. Amen.


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