January 6

Read Matthew 2:1-12

Everyone seeks a sign—

that they may know God made flesh.

Powers that be stand in fear

Incapable of controlling such love.

Perhaps they know their end draws near.

However, we press ahead to find

love personified.


No gift we bring can embody our gratitude.

Yet, we come as we are and offer our very selves

to this great babe, knowing

that in his cry, life forever changed.

And so to this day,

wise ones still seek him.


Holy One, you chose the form of a babe to show your power, turning this world upside down. Wise ones once sought this child, knowing of the great love and mercy that dwelled among them. Come to us this day, reveal to us your ways, your love, your wisdom. May we seek you in all we do. Amen.

Rev. Maggie Alsup


Lyon College