January 6

Read Matthew 2:1-12

In this passage, the wise men saw God through a star. As students, we see God through:

Thin places, where the barrier between heaven and earth fades, our worlds ebb and flow together. We find connection and God in community. 

Our community forms the body of Christ. Connecting to the care and passion in those around us reveals God in our lives.

God is familiarity, wrapping us up in a big bear hug, smells of home, sounds like laughter, feels like falling tears. We know it inside and out, giving thanks for every last bit.

We revel in the warmth revealed to us as God says “Good morning,” peeking through trees and smiling through Rhodes’ stained glass. 

Revealing yourself in light, we follow the star, the city lights, the glow of sunset over the river, we know your light, we know we’re home. 

Grounded are the roots in the soil like the lines of God’s palms, God’s hands in our lives. Never shall we toil in the sun without the promise of cover. 

Just as the Magi came from afar to worship, so too should we strive to make God our life’s passion.  Celebrating God’s presence in the interactions of our humble house in the heart of Memphis.

Decorated with a multi-colored “open” sign and a Diet-Coke stocked fridge, exemplifying unity and love, Together we celebrate God revealed to us. Together we celebrate our home.


Dear God, we are grateful that you have revealed yourself to us through Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, connection with and passion for others, community, feelings of familiarity, warmth, and light, and a grounding sense of home. Amen.

UKirk Memphis