December 26

Read Colossians 3:12-17.

As a kid I loved playing in the snow! As an adult I still enjoy it, yet now I do not play as long. Once my gloves and socks are wet, my brain says, “time to tap out!” Yet as a kid, my heart screamed, “time for more clothes!!” 

It is funny how our perspective can change. Today Saint Paul invites us to have a new perspective, a heavenly one (v. 1). He says that we must cast off our old self (v. 9), and now we are to cloth ourselves with a new attire that is united by love (v. 14). Christ fashions these new clothes which make known His peace and His name. 

Because we are chosen, holy, and dearly loved, we have a new way of experiencing life. No longer are we to shower the world with the biting cold of greed, lust, and rage, rather we are people who forgive as the Lord has forgiven us. Our very attire is unifying, dignifying, and gratifying because we are focused on being members of one body. 

Today as you slip on your extra winter layers, remember to clothe yourself with the virtues of Christ and allow the gratitude which comes from His love to dwell within you so that whatever you do, you are making His name known. 


Forgiving Lord, today I ask you to remove any garments of my old nature and clothe me with your peace, forbearance, gentleness. Grant me a new passion for the world and fill me with your word. May my life be marked by gratitude and praise as I seek to make the world a a kinder place. I offer you my all, amen. 

Rob Musick


University of Pikeville

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