December 24

Read Isaiah 9:2-7.

In today’s reading we are struck with the dichotomy of darkness versus light right from the beginning. This darkness is all too real for some of us, especially during this time of year. Spending extended periods of time with family and loved ones during the holidays can be a beautiful thing, but it can also be triggering for others. 

I love this passage because it gives space for those negative emotions during this time of celebration, which is the inspiration behind this photo. 

The darkness is made beautiful because of the light. Just as the light creeps in on the leaves in the photo, Jesus’ light is calm as it approaches us so as not to manipulate us and obliterate our darkness. The darkness and light coexist together and that is what makes Christianity so intriguing. 

On this Christmas Eve, we are given a safe and brave space to feel our feelings and know that we are welcome and loved in this community. Being Christian can sometimes look pleasing on the surface, but a true faith community is one that deals with the highs and most importantly the lows of our everyday lives. Take a minute to reflect on the photo and how it makes you feel. 


Hi God, thank you for being with us in our darkness and existing in it with us. Thank you for sending Jesus to be our light through community and love. We love you. Amen.

Madison Vaughn

Ministry Coordinator, UKirk Birmingham

Alum, Bama UKirk

Editor’s Note: Check out our Sunday Companion Guide for some more context on this Scripture reading, discussion questions prompted by the reflection, and Advent candle lighting liturgies inspired by this year’s Where We’re From theme.