December 31

Read John 8:12-19.

What is our testimony for this year? New Year’s Eve is often a time for reflection, when we look back on the past and anticipate the future years to come. But this year, with all of the turmoil, it can feel less like calm reflection and more like trying to catch your breath. All of the questions that have been left unanswered in the past year can leave us wondering how strong our testimony really is: where are we going? What is next year going to look like? If only we had the omniscience of Jesus to tell us!

While none of us know the exact happenings of next year, we do know one thing: where we’ve come from. We come from years of instability, but we also come from years of growth and change. We are witnesses to miracles both big and small, from unexpected healing to a breath of peace in a stressful situation. Our stories are our testimony, testified by both ourselves and by the God who sees us in our struggles and in our triumphs. And because we have a testimony of Immanuel, through the good times and the bad, we know that we go into a future where God is still With Us.


Dear God, thank you for all the ways you have been with us in this past year. Help us to lean into our testimonies of the good and the bad, and trust that you will be Immanuel again this year. Amen.

Rachel Mumaw

Ministry Intern, UKirk SMU