December 23

Read Luke 1:39-55.

When Mary visits her cousin Elizabeth, Elizabeth is filled with the Holy Spirit! She cannot help but blurt out in a loud voice a blessing upon Mary. And Mary concurs — she then launches into a song of praise for God. As someone who grew up in East Coast culture, I too often cannot help but blurt out in a loud voice when something is on my heart. During this season of asking “Are we there yet?,” I am trying to lean more toward blurting out my joy and praise, like Elizabeth and Mary. When there is so much sorrow in this world, we need to celebrate whenever we can. Elizabeth and Mary were celebrating the big Advent! Jesus’ arrival! As we today wait for the coming of Christ, we can celebrate mini advents every single day. Any time the kingdom of God breaks forth, we can blurt out our praise. Any time the lowly are lifted up — celebrate! Any time the hungry are filled and the rich are sent away — celebrate! Any time you connect with a friend — celebrate! Any time you listen to your body — celebrate! This Advent season I invite you to lower your standards for celebration. Celebrate everything that makes you feel whole and authentic and connected to God and to your community. Do not be picky about what brings you joy, but rejoice like your life depends on it. 


God who calls us good, help us to rely on one another to multiply our joy and divide our sorrow. Grant us senses to perceive your Kingdom breaking forth among us, and grant us hearts to celebrate advents every single day. 

Rev. Beatrix Weil


Rhodes College

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