December 28

Read Matthew 18:1-5, 10-14.

In this passage, Jesus reminds us that to enter heaven, one must become like a child. These verses stop me in my tracks every time. Change and become like a child? Is Jesus sure? In our society, where we hold our achievements, our degrees, our hours worked, tests passed, and all-nighters up like gold medals, becoming like a child seems to stand in face of everything the world asks of us. 

When the world asks for more work, more grinding, more stress, I wonder what it means to change, to become like a child. Where is there room for more wonder, more play, more rest, more curiosity? I wonder if God looks at all of our achievements, our endlessly checked off to-do lists, and says “this is too much,” or “but when have you rested?”

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that our capitalism-driven world makes this feel impossible, but I believe that we each have moments of being able to choose rest, delight, humility, and wonder, no matter how tiny those moments may be. In this season, I am curious what it would look like for you to challenge yourself to say no to the constant grind anywhere you can, and to practice becoming like a child, loved and held by God.


God of childlike delight, we pray today for moments of rest, of unbridled curiosity, of joy that knows no bounds. Remind us what it means to become more like a child, and show us the little ways we can step away from the rat race of life and step into a slower pace with You. Amen.

Kim Rubish

Pastoral Resident, UNC Presbyterian Campus Ministry (Chapel Hill, NC)

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