December 27

Read Proverbs 8:22-31.

From the Beginning

Before the earth, the seas, the sky,

Before He set the stars ablaze,

Before bright colors, sound and light.

Wisdom came with God’s decree.

Oh! Compassion, patience, love,

Joy and laughter, dance and song,

Knowledge, judgment, passion, care,

Was there, great wisdom, by God’s call. 

In the beginning was the Word, 

In the beginning was the Light,

Wisdom knew that it was good,

Wisdom held that it was right.

Light and Life, Love and Opus,

All rejoicing in His sight,

Gentle touch, the spark of life 

Harmonic beats our human hearts.


Gracious and loving Creator, all that is and ever has been- streams from your almighty love and compassion. Our senses come alive, our hearts thrill with gratitude, for the sounds of nature, the cosmic music, the truth in your Word. Guide us to reflect on your wisdom and share your love with others on the path you reveal to us.  In faith we pray, with all glory and praise to you, our Lord and Father.  Amen. 

Kristin Kuhlmann, CP

Commissioned Pastor, ENMU Presbyterian Campus House Ministry

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