December 29

Read Psalm 20.

I pray that the Lord answers you…

As your hopeful hearts dare to live, dare to dream.

As you are being formed, shaped, pressed, challenged, broken down and recreated in the image of a God to whom your soul speaks.

As you stumble through the words that don’t seem to capture the intent of your soul’s desire.

As you sigh the prayers that are too deep for words.

As you struggle to find the truth, your solid footing, your way forward.

As you do the work to heal.

As you seek to follow the Spirit.

 …whenever you are in trouble. 

In the places your feet take you. (Sacred and desecrated alike.)

In the places you had no control over being.

In your relationships with people. (Those who healed and those who harmed.)

In the times of loss.

In the pain you hoped to avoid.  (That comes from dying and from new life beginning.)

In the times of grief. In the brokenness you can’t name. (Both the holy and profane.)

At the end of yourself.

Let the name of Jacob’s God protect you.

Jacob’s God who sees you at your worst, your striving, your conniving. 

Jacob’s God who will wrestle through the long nights, the sleepless nights, the doubting nights, the wandering nights of the soul.

Jacob’s God who meets you face to face. 

Jacob’s God who transforms you through Grace.


Remind us today that even when things fall and our chariots fail, we can place our trust in you, Oh Lord. That your eyes see us, that your hand holds us, that your Spirit never fails us. Amen.

Jessica Maudlin

Associate for Sustainable Living & Earth Care Concerns 

Presbyterian Hunger Program

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