December 26

Read Psalm 148

Or listen:

Are you still reading these? The buildup has come. The story has hit a crescendo. The wrapping paper and boxes are in the recycling ben. On to New Year’s…or are we still reading? I hope so. 

Thinking of our theme this year that honors a looking back, if we look back to Psalm 144 a rhythm begins. It is one of praise. Each of these last 7 Psalms begins with a praise of some kind or another. I imagine it starting with a whisper praising God as “rock.” Then it slowly starts to pick up and get louder and louder: Praise your name. Praise the Lord, my soul. How good it is to sing praises. Praise the Lord from the heavens. Praise in the assembly. Praise God in the sanctuary. When we look back there is a clear pattern of praise for sure. As you look back to yesterday, this season, in the hush of this day after…how is “praise” ringing true for you? Or is it?

Here in this psalm, in verse three we hear, Praise the Lord, all you shining stars. I know this is probably drawing our attention to things celestial, but I love thinking of us as the Lord’s “shining stars.” Kind of like something you would hear in The Cider House Rules. How are we carrying on the Advent light long after the apparent party is over? Long past the supposed finish line?


Lord, we praise you. Help us shine! Amen. 

Rev. John Rogers

Pastor, Peterson House (Chapel Hill, NC)

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