December 1

Read Micah 4:6-13.

In our reading for today, Micah addresses a community of faith that is in the midst of distress and uncertainty. We, as readers, should recognize that Micah acknowledges the reality of their suffering. In the shadow of this distress, Micah attempts to offer reassurance by alternating back and forth between this community’s current agony and a promised hope in the future. Through Micah, God assures those overlooked and pushed to the margins that they will be gathered in and welcomed. 

Without question, the circumstance of this pandemic continues to bring forth instances of suffering and injustice within our own communities — especially among people of color. As people of faith, we are called to work toward this justice and ease this suffering. We are called to labor toward the future filled with hope that God points to through Micah. Otherwise, we become complicit in that suffering. 


God of grace and compassion, help us to realize the reality of our own suffering, but further, push us to acknowledge the suffering of others in our community. By your Spirit, give us the strength to push against systems of oppression, and the humility to recognize our own participation in those systems. May we work for justice as we look toward the coming example of Christ. Amen. 

Rev. Chris Bailey

Campus Minister

Marshall UKIRK

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