December 2

Read Luke 21: 34-38

There are moments where I have to remind myself that melancholy is not the “only” mood one is allowed to exist in, much to the dismay of the overly dramatic side of my personality. Now, I’m not saying melancholy is not an appropriate state to exist in, but I do think many of us (including myself) have a tendency to dwell there longer than we should. It reminds me of that TikTok challenge that was really popular this summer, the #rainchallenge, where you would go lay down on the ground, in the rain, with the music of Natasha Bedingfield serenading you into existential conundrum. Because, while laying on the pavement waiting for an entire season of Advent to pass me by would certainly be dramatic (and possibly viral), its not the kind of waiting that Christ calls us to do.

In Luke, Jesus is summoning us to a different type of waiting; an active and alert type of waiting. Because there is something coming that we don’t want to miss. There is change, renewal, rebirth, joy, hope, love, and peace just around the corner. But there are so many things that are distracting us from that time to come, and so often that distraction can come from ourselves. So friends, stay alert. Even if you need to lay in the rain for a bit, pay attention to what God is doing around you and how you are preparing for what Jesus will bring. 


Holy Creator, we cry out in impatience because we don’t know how long we can wait for your promises to be fulfilled. Create in us an urgency to do our part; to love you, our neighbors, and ourselves as actively and fully as you love your creation. Amen. 

Rev. Sarah Hooker

Campus Minister

UKirk Atlanta

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