November 30

Read Micah 4:1-5

This first week of Advent, hope is on our hearts and in our prayers. The 8th Century BCE prophet, Micah, turns our attention to the hope for a different world order, a reordering of priorities. He offers a “mountain top” vision of a time when many nations will settle disputes and beat their swords into plowshares and train for war no more (4:3). Micah invites us to dream with him of a time when we can live off the fruits of our labor. Enough is enough. Workers are not exploited. Our consumer appetites are tamed, allowing us to discover a life where well-being is restored. A world transformed where no one will make them afraid.  

Micah’s vision is one of prophetic imagination and possibility. While seemingly impossible at the present, he reminds us that with Yahweh, the future is full of possibilities, that the suffering and injustice in this world need not be.  Imagine the world unshackled by greed and violence.  

So, we come to this season of Advent cultivating a renewed hope of possibility for our lives, our communities, and for the world.  


God of possibilities and our hope for a world transformed, soften our hearts and open our minds to Your ways.  Help us to dream new dreams and pursue a reordering of our lives in which we participate in ushering in a new world order where no one needs to be afraid; a time when no one is exploited, and a time when we war no more.

Rev. Kathleen Day

Campus Minister

Campus Ministry Connection at Northern AZ University

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