December 23

Read Galatians 3:6-14.

Recently, a mother of three discussed her peace in the midst of impending death by saying, “It will never be enough, but I am ok with it. If I were sixty I would want to see my grandchildren, if I were eighty I would want to see my great-grandchildren. Honestly, we simply want more, and it will never be enough until we embrace that what we have been given is enough. Eternity will be the reality where it is more than enough. In eternity my desire for more will ultimately be satisfied.” 

The apostle Paul says that by Christ, people have been redeemed from the curse of the law (death). Christ has brought us near to God through his death on the cross (tree) and now we live out freedom by faith. Just as Abraham lived out his faith through following God to Mt. Moriah with Isaac, faith carried Abraham each step even in the shadow of death. If this holiday season finds you grieving or hurting from the sting of death, please know that Christ is enough, and your faith is enough. In the end you are redeemed by Christ and eternity will heal your heart. God is holding you, and it is enough. 


Jesus, thank you for taking on the curse of death and setting me free. Help me today to live more deeply in faith. Help me to be truly free from the fear of death so that I can help others become free in Christ. Amen.

Rob Musick

Chaplain, University of Pikeville

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