December 22

Read Luke 1:46b-55.

Back in October, I read this scripture with one of our students. I watched as her face lit up when we got to verses 51-53. Here is how the conversation unfolded.

RUSS: What happened when you read those verses?

MARY: This is what we are supposed to be doing. We’re supposed to be serving others. Feeding people. And lifting up the lowly. 

RUSS: I know, right? And what a tough reminder in the middle of a season that can feel so inwardly focused. Is this the first time you have read Mary’s song?

MARY: It is. It’s really pretty.

RUSS: I know. I love it. 

MARY: It’s funny that our devotional falls for December 22nd. Around December 22nd every year my family goes to a United Methodist church to help with putting together bags of toys for those who don’t have gifts at Christmas. The whole year the church works to collect toys. They collect toys with slightly damaged boxes. Or toys on sale. They store them and then volunteers pack them together for families. We pack them in front of the altar. I think about how special that is. I am reminded of what Christmas is all about. 

I am, too. These final moments before Christmas Eve, God still speaks in that stillness like God has spoken to our ancestors all those years before. On this day after the Longest Night, the words “the mighty one has done great things” still ring. 


Light a candle and pray silently for 30 seconds to one minute, inviting God’s Spirit into the end of the season. 

Rev. Russ Kerr, Student Engagement Coordinator 

Mary Wells, Student

The Pace Center for Campus Ministry at VCU 

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