December 21

Read Romans 8:18-30.

Take a deep breath.



Give yourself a break from the shallow breathing

We have grown accustomed to,

When our bodies are desperate for air,

Desperate to release the stress that constricts our lungs

And our hearts.

Take a deep breath.



And let the Spirit move.

Interceding in the sighs from the depths

From our rage,

From our disappointment,

From our exhaustion,

From our loneliness,

Speaking breath into the places we have long ignored.

Take a deep breath.



And remember the movement of air you were made from,

That you were made for.

Open yourself up to the Spirit as she searches your heart

And finds you

Even when you feared no one ever would

She will always find you

She will always wrap you up,

So you feel safe enough to take a deep breath

And come home. 


God of our breath, fill the space between our lungs and flow through our bodies with the Spirit of gentleness and justice. Remind us with each breath that you are with us and calling us into this wide world. Amen.

Rev. Rachel Penmore

Campus Minister

UKirk University of Tennessee

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