December 7

Read Genesis 15:1-18.

Have you ever looked up to the stars

First thing in the morning

Before the sun comes up

And tried to count?

One light after another

Amidst deep darkness 

Light and dark

Filling the sky.

You will be blessed the scriptures say

Even when we don’t believe it.

Because blessings feel few and far between

like things to be earned

That only a few have access to.

And yet our vision is pulled skyward

As the God of abundance

Calls to our hungry hearts

In the light and the dark

So don’t be afraid to be blessed.

Walk out into the early morning

As the light and dark fill the space

Take a look at the stars 

And Breathe deeply. 

Count this moment

Count this second

Count yourself

Blessed and beloved 

Now and forever. 


Rev. Rachel Penmore

Campus Minister, UKirk University of Tennessee