December 24

Read John 1:1-14

So much has come into being this year. So much we didn’t expect. So much that feels hopeless and frightening. So much that has altered our plans and distorted the path before us. 

So much. So different. So hard. And we cry out.

Why God? How Lord? When Holy Spirit? Jesus.

This has been a tough season. Words escape us. Words confound us. Words like flesh and breath take on new meaning, carry new weight, hold new angst. 

Even as we cry out, a new season breaks forth.

Mystery abounds, light peeks through cracks, making the darkness more bearable, even satisfying, fulfilling, life-giving.

The true light that shines on all people 

IS coming into the world, tonight. Again. 

The Word becomes flesh and makes a home among us.

Again. Tonight. In this place.

Thanks be to God for life and light and love, 

born anew tonight, within us and among us.


Holy One, help us know you are here. Spirit, stir within us and awaken the dreams that we’ve been afraid to dream. Permeate our flesh with your word that we might embody hope, love, joy, and peace. Pierce our darkness with your light. We love you. We trust you. We thank you. Amen. 


Missouri State University

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