December 23

Read Luke 1:46b-55

Mary’s Song of Praise

We can hear and feel the exaltation that Mary feels in the eminent coming of the Savior of the world. She has strong faith that the child she carries will be the promised Messiah, bringing justice and peace to the world.  Her words also demonstrate her humility, and she expresses that God’s love is all powerful and always present. She knows that God cares for the poor and hungry, while bringing the rich and powerful to justice. We sense her simple goodness, and know that her gentle influence on her son, Jesus, will be mirrored in his great love and compassion for all humankind, shared with every race and nation. 

The Prince of Peace will show mercy and healing to a divided world, and will bring love and salvation to all.  If we ask for forgiveness of our sins, God will bestow His blessings on us. In John 3:17, we recognize that God did not send his son into the world to condemn it, but to save us through his grace. Let us rejoice and praise the Lord for the gift of his Son, our Savior and Redeemer! 


Dear Father, we thank you for sending your Son to show us the depth and breadth of your love for us. You sent the Light of the World to guide us through these dark and troubled times. Heal our world from this pandemic, and empower us to share your love and peace with all people. We rejoice in your love and grace as we celebrate the birth and life of our Lord, Jesus Christ!  Amen.   

Kristin Kuhlmann

Commissioned Pastor

Eastern NM University Campus Ministry

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