December 19

Read Galatians 3:23-29

Long ago, we were imprisoned

        by self-made divisions.

We boast that we are all God’s children,

        that we have overcome all that divides.

Yet our divisions continue to exist as we live in denial.

We put up barriers — to set us apart from them —

        for our comfort, our safety, our security.

What good is comfort, safety, or security,

        if it doesn’t apply to all?

In a world that grows more divisive by the hour,

        colder by the minute,

        darker by the day,

Let your light break us —

        tear down our walls,

        heal our divisions,

        correct our false sense of peace.

In your in breaking,

        may we recall that we are all your children —

                beloved, complex, beautiful heirs of your grace.


Loving God, too often we cling to the laws of this world, thinking they will provide us comfort and peace. When we do this, we lose our selves and hurt our siblings. In this Advent season, bring forth your peace and love — break us of our old habits, so that we may live in joy with all of our siblings. Amen. 


Rev. Maggie Alsup


Lyon College

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