December 20

Read 2 Samuel 7:18-22

This is a pretty stellar time for King David. No more enemies to fight, which means he gets to stay at home, resting and getting ready for the future. Add to that a new covenant with God, that there will be more permanence in the kingdom, that a temple is to be built, and that David’s family line will be prosperous for generations to come. #bestlife #blessed 

Which makes it remarkable, and even a bit admirable, that at this news David turns to God in prayer and asks “who am I to matter a little bit to you, God?” Who is he that these things should be promised?

As we look at the world around us, as we see struggle and pain alongside abundance and joy, we might ask ourselves “who are we to deserve any of this, God?” Why pay attention to us at all?

We are four days away from celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ into the world. A human, entering a human world. Who are we to deserve such a gift? The gift of a new covenant, one that we are active participants in? This is the fantastic thing about God and God’s relationship with us. There is never a point where we can say “yep, I deserve these wonderful things because I’m on par with you.” But that doesn’t even matter. God came among us because we do matter. We matter a lot. God’s covenants with us show us that we mean more to God than we could ever comprehend.


Thank you, God, for reminding us over and over (and over) again that we matter to you. That even in our times of sorrow and joy, we matter enough that you sent your son Jesus to this world, to live among us and be an example of your perfect kin-dom. Amen.


Rev. Sarah Hooker

Campus Minister

UKirk Atlanta


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