December 18

Read Psalm 42

The gray skies of deep winter only amplify what our mental landscapes already struggle with. In the same way I long to feel the warm glow of the sun against my skin again, so too I long for God to liberate the world from the forces that defame and defile creation. Like the psalmist, we can point to the ways that God has shown up time and time again in our lives and our collective history, but now that we are here once more in a time of anxious anticipation, we get restless. Where is God? When will God show up? Even still, in our deepest being we know that God will come again to sanctify that which God loves. Now, this understanding of what is to come rarely distracts from the pains of the present, but that is precisely why we live in community together. We must help one another remember the ways that God has shown up, point out the ways that God is still present, and support one another as we sojourn through the wilderness toward liberation. When our souls are downcast at the state of our lives and the world, remember. Hold on to hope, the sun will shine again, bringing warmth to melt away our despair and light to illuminate the path of salvation.


Dear God, as we continue this journey with one another, help us to remember that we are not alone. Remind us once more that you have been, are, and forever will be with us, nudging us toward you. Thank you. In your Son’s name I pray, amen.


Garrett deGaffenreid


UKirk Austin

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