December 8

Read Luke 9: 1-6.

In our biblical reading for today, we read that Jesus has given the disciples authority to cast out demons and to heal the sick. But as he commissions his followers to go out and do this awesome work, he also tells them to take nothing with them on their journey. No extra shoes, no clothes, not even any food or money. Jesus tells the disciples to be fully dependent upon the hospitality of the folks they meet along their travels.

Not taking anything with us is hard. Many of us like to keep a little extra cash stashed in our wallets for emergencies, or a spare phone charger with us in case we need to contact someone and our phone dies. Can you imagine setting out with absolutely nothing? Just the clothes on your back and the shoes on your feet. No baggage. No drama. Just you and your commission to go out and heal the sick, and a promise that others would care for you along the journey.

This Advent, I want to challenge you to take nothing with you. Take this time to focus on your own faith journey, and how you feel called to listen to God in this season. Leave behind the unnecessary baggage, the things weighing you down. Trust that God has got you and will provide.


Dear God, this Advent season, help us to leave behind the unnecessary things we cling to. Help us to focus on you and your calling for us. Amen.

Rev. Kate Morrison

Former Campus Minister

UKirk @ EWC

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