December 9

Read Luke 1:68-79.

Ever put Mentos in Diet Coke? Here’s what you need: Mentos, a 2 Liter of Diet Coke, and outdoor space. Open the 2 Liter, drop in Mentos, run for your life, then watch Diet Coke shoot into the air in all its foamy glory. Or, don’t be wasteful and just YouTube it.

Zechariah is the Diet Coke and the Holy Spirit is the Mentos. Remember, Zechariah hasn’t been able to speak during Elizabeth’s pregnancy, and now she’s given birth to John. I suspect Elizabeth missed Zechariah’s voice during pregnancy a familiar voice to comfort and encourage her and now she can’t get him to shut up. But who can blame him?! He’s been bottled up with excitement, and now John is born, his speech is back, and his hope can’t be contained!

By the tender mercy of God,

    the dawn from on high will break upon us,

to give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death,

    to guide our feet into the way of peace.

Sometimes hope builds within us, maybe because we’re waiting, searching, doubting. And then something wonderful happens that ignites the hope we’ve held within. Next time that happens, do your soul a favor. Go outside and shout with joy. I promise, it’s even more fun than putting Mentos in Diet Coke.


God of faithfulness, thank you for filling us with hope and guiding our feet in the way of peace. Amen.


Rev. Patrick Harley

Campus Minister

 UKirk Birmingham

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