December 7

Read Philippians 1:18b-26.

Dec 7

Paul, in his letters to the Philippians, encourages us to find support and companionship with each other and in the hope of Christ.  

At the same time, Paul calls us to remain jubilant in this season of waiting.  We try to remain positive as we face exams as well as the stress of the holiday season. Paul reminds us that there is always light; there is always hope; there is always someone there for you even in people and places you least expect. Paul reminds us also to be present where we are even if we wish to be elsewhere. We can live out this hope in two ways: accept support and love from others, while also putting out light and love into the world.


Guide Us, Lord, to speak boldly in support of those who struggle.  Help us to be allies and companions to one another as we each grow in our relationship with God.  In this hopeful season of anticipation, remind us to find strength in our community. All God’s children say, Amen.  


Art by alumni Hunter Robinson

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