December 24

Read Luke 2:1-7.


As we look forward to and toward Christ today, let us not forget that it is in the least of these that God often reveals God’s self. The incarnate God, Jesus Christ, was born into homelessness. Sharon Ringe in her commentary on Luke suggests that Jesus’ family was not simply turned out from an inn, but potentially turned out by Joseph’s extended family.

The word translated “inn” in our text is more closely translated “upper room.” According to Ringe, many families would have “upper rooms” where relatives or other important people might stay. Joseph and Mary might have sought out this hospitality only to be turned away. They likely would have been turned away due to the fact that family of higher stature occupied said room, and they did not want to or couldn’t accommodate Joseph and his pregnant wife. This is the Christmas Eve reflection and it is likely that many of us currently find ourselves with family. I, at some point today, will be located on my Mom and Dad’s couch with my wife close by. I will give and receive presents. I will go to Church and receive communion.

However, I invite you to try with me not to lose sight of what Joseph and Mary might have been experiencing on this first Christmas Eve. To not forget the people in our communities who find themselves turned out tonight. To remember that a lot of people tomorrow are going to wake up in conditions equal to a manger. To remember that our King was not born like a normal king. To remember the Good News, our kingdom doesn’t function like a normal kingdom. So, while we participate in and enjoy many of the functions of the society around us, let us not forget about those who don’t have an option to do the same.

Micah Watson, PSF @ MTSU

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