December 23

Read John 7:40-52.

Who is this Jesus?

There are a lot of characters represented in this passage: the crowd, the temple officers, the chief priests, and the Pharisees. Nicodemus is even mentioned.

They are all struggling with who Jesus is. Who is this man? He is not what they expected. They questioned His lineage and they questioned whether He was the Christ.

To answer their questions: Christ’s parents Mary and Joseph were descendants of David, and the mention of no prophet coming from Galilee, Jonah was a previous prophet from Galilee. The evidence was there to prove who Jesus claimed to be, but the religious leaders were unwilling to believe. They refused to admit the truth.

We can be a lot like these leaders. Even today, there is division surrounding Christ’s identity. We choose not to believe. We refuse to admit the truth. We do not want to follow Him because it means we have to change our lifestyle, it is inconvenient, and we don’t have time.

Who is this Jesus who has survived centuries of debate and controversy? He is undeniably the Messiah. May we see that Jesus truly is the Christ. May we turn in obedience and faith to Him for His sacrifice for us. May we accept everything He taught and try to live like we believe.

Amy Ruff, Presbyterian Fellowship @ USM

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