December 12

Read Acts 11:1-18.


This passage hits me as a reminder that as part of living our lives in looking forward to and toward Christ, we should always be looking for and listening to the movements of the Spirit. It specifically hits hard in light of recent events in my community, Murfreesboro, Tennessee. We were recently visited by hate groups that target people based on race, nationality, etc… Many in these groups associate themselves with Christianity and use biblical text to push their hateful narrative.

In our text, the Jewish Christian community is uncomfortable with the fact that Peter is taking something that “belongs” to them and offering it to the “uncircumcised.” The ancient world, much like our world, was littered with racial and religious divide.

Let’s be clear, I am not trying to equate ancient Christians with the modern Alt-Right. However, it is incumbent on us to listen to the urgings of the Holy Spirit, to move towards unity, to break down the spirit of racism and fear-of-other that is still at large in our world. We serve and are cared for by a God of abundance and love, a God that has called us out of thought processes that would divide and into thought processes that strive to make us whole as a people. As we look ever forward to and toward Christ, let us learn to love and accept all of God’s children.

Micah Watson, PSF @ MTSU

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