December 11

Read Psalm 27:14.

Wait for It

No one likes to wait.  We have to wait in traffic, wait in line, wait our turn, wait for someone to respond, wait for results, wait, wait, wait…  It never ends.

The psalmist pairs the admonition to wait for the Lord with encouragement to be strong and courageous.  Waiting is sometimes the hardest thing to do.  This is where we must practice one of God’s most important lessons in obedience — patience.

Modern culture is always in a hurry and everything is based on immediate gratification.  We are primed to always be ready.  It takes courage to be still, to wait, and to be patient as the world rushes past.  It is counter cultural to sit back and wait.  However, to move when God says, “Wait,” is being disobedient.  God does not bless disobedience.

We desire to be in control.  We forget that God leaves nothing to chance.  He is personally interested in our well-being and our future.  But, until the Lord makes it clear what is the way forward, we have to pause, be patient, and wait.

Amy Ruff, Presbyterian Fellowship @ USM

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