January 4

Read Exodus 3:1-5

Moses was traveling far from home when he encountered a strange occurrence. As he drew near to investigate, he discovered that God had come to meet with him and to invite him into an amazing adventure that ultimately brought Moses closer to God and closer to his fellow Israelites.

A common feeling that many of us struggle with is feeling distant from God. We often feel alone or that God is not listening to us. In response, we often drown our lives in comfort in order to feel safe and in control of our lives. The story of Moses offers a great example of the importance of stepping outside of our comfort zones in order to experience a deeper relationship with the living God.

Are we willing to travel to the far side of the mountain of our lives, outside of our safe routines and comfort zones? When we see strange sights, unique opportunities, or people who are different from us, do we run from them or are we willing to investigate and draw closer? Finally, when God calls us are we willing to take off our sandals and to follow where God leads? It’s often in these uncomfortable moments of the unknown where we are forced to rely on God, and God is truly made known to us.


God, help us in this new year to see the opportunities that you are calling us to, to step outside of our normal rhythms and experience moments when we fully rely on you. Show us what comforts or fears are holding us back from developing a deeper personal and transforming relationship with you. Amen.

Jon Keyser

Director, WCF at Georgia Tech

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