December 16

Read 2 Samuel 7:18-22.

What if I told you that God is with you, no matter what your journey looks like right now? That, no matter your past, God loves you? These words are what God told David. David, the shepherd boy whom God called to serve as king. His kingship, though, did not come easily. Rather, 1 and 2 Samuel depict his time before king as fleeing to and fro as his enemies chased him. Yet, in this intimate moment, God tells David a central fact about God’s relationship with God’s people: that God is with us and loves us. 

Our passage tells us of David’s response. How else can one respond to their Creator’s and Sustainer’s love but with humility and awe? David realizes that what God is telling him is not because of something David did. It is a fact about the very nature of God. In God’s very essence is a profound love and care for God’s people. Friend, hear the Good News, this includes you, too! God loves you and is with you!

The babe in the manger is the ultimate sign that God is near to us and loves us. Therefore, may we follow David and be led to praise God this season. May God’s love lead us into an even deeper relationship with the Creator and Sustainer of all creation. May our awe lead us to share this Good News with everyone we meet.


Gracious God, lead us into a greater awe of you this season. Help us to know in our soul that you love us and are near to us. Use us to share your love with others. Amen.

Will DeLaney

Director of Christian Education, First Presbyterian Church (Laurens, SC)

Alum, Presbyterian College UKIRK 

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