December 2

Read Psalm 72:1-7, 18-19.

When we look at leaders who have ruled and continue to rule our political spheres, we are often faced with stories of self-interest, greed, and injustice. The psalmist instead paints a picture of the type of leaders God envisions for their kin-dom­: those who seek righteousness and justice for children and people in need. Those who seek to do away with oppression. Those who look to the environment — the mountains, hills, sun, moon, grass, water — to find a peaceful way forward.

Just as we wait throughout Advent for the birth of Jesus, we too wait for the rebirth of our world so that we may more closely reflect God’s way of being. This waiting can be overwhelming, and sometimes painful, as we struggle to see change in the face of seemingly endless work. But, just as we know Christ’s birth will arrive at the end of this season, so too do we live into hope that God’s kin-dom will come into being. May we find comfort in the psalmist’s closing words — that God does wondrous things.


God who knows who we have been and who we will be, you called us into life and continue to call us to a new way of living. Help us to build on the strength of generations who came before, generations of your people who sought justice in a world that was ruled with oppression. May we work and wait in hope, rooted in gratitude for the gift of Jesus Christ, whose birth reminds us that newness can always break into our world with your help. Amen.

Kate Trigger Duffert

Manager for General Assembly Business and Per Capita Promotion

PC(USA) Office of the General Assembly

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