November 30

Read Matthew 24:23-35

We wait 

We wait expectantly 

hoping this is the day, this is the time 

for your entrance to our world. 

We wait expectantly

looking for signs, 

seeking clues from others, 

wondering if this time they are telling the truth. 

We wait expectantly 

knowing you warn of false prophets,

knowing the world gives signs to deceive our hope. 

We wait expectantly 

for your great power to turn the world around,

for you to set our world ablaze

  with the hope only you can give,

for you to illumine all aspects of our lives. 

We wait expectantly this day 

for your great splendor and love 

to bring new life and peace to our world. 


God of promise, as we begin our Advent journey of waiting and watching, show us signs of your love entering our world. Help us drown out the noise of the world around us, and tune our hearts to your message of peace. May we find joy in our journey of waiting and watching. Amen. 

Rev. Maggie Alsup

Chaplain, Lyon College

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