January 6

Read Matthew 2:1-12.

I sometimes wonder if

The magi couldn’t help being a little disappointed.

It was Jerusalem they went to first,

After all, into Herod’s own house.

They came for a holy city and glorious

Tidings, not some backwater,

Not some poor craftsman

And his young not-yet-wife.

And yet it was there that they found Christ

And knew Him, and

I can’t help but wonder if

We would be able to do the same.

You ask me, “Are we there yet?” and I

Answer, “Not yet.”

Not until we stop dining at the tables of Empire,

Expecting to find God seated at the head.


Incredible, expectation-defying God, we marvel at all of the ways in which You show up in our lives. As we enter into a new year, open our eyes, ears, and hearts to Your workings in the world, so that we would never fail to show Your lovingkindness to our fellow travellers. Amen.

Feagin Hardy


UKirk Ole Miss

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