January 3

Read Job 42:10-17.

It’s funny to me that people often speak about “the patience of Job” in the midst of all his suffering and loss. He was anything BUT patient, demanding an account from the Lord about the injustice of his suffering. Then the Lord speaks in chapters 38-41 and lays out the awesome beauty and mystery inherent in creation. Job is silenced. He realizes that suffering and loss cannot be reduced to simple answers. Perhaps the restoration of Job’s fortunes doesn’t erase his pain and loss, but he embraces the present, and therefore life does appear abundant and good.   

There has been so much loss the last two years, and perhaps beyond that in your life. Many wonder about the fairness, and worry about the uncertainty of the future. The wisdom I gain from Job is to trust that there are possibilities we have not imagined, and to recall the mystery and awe of life and the world we inhabit. To set aside our anger and cynicism about who or what is to blame and embrace our circumstances with thanksgiving for all the beauty and goodness that is present. This neither denies the losses and grief, nor accepts simple explanations of blame. Embrace the people and opportunities that affirm and nourish you wherever you find yourself, and whatever challenges or hardships that come your way this new year.  


God of infinite mystery, open our hearts and eyes to the possibilities that are before us this new year, that we may be part of Your ongoing creation and transformation of our world. We pray this in the name of the One you sent with the Good News of Your abiding love and grace.

Rev. Kathleen Day

Campus Minister

Campus Ministry Connection at Northern AZ University

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