December 18

Read Luke 13:31-35.

lly unfamiliar with, although now it might be one of my favorites as we get to encounter “spicy Jesus” (you know — the Jesus who is ready to flip some tables and such!). Jesus has more than a few words to share with “that fox” Herod Antipas. He foretells of his death and resurrection, lamenting that he will die as so many prophets before him have died. Yet he ends with words of worship and adoration that will be his in the end: “Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord.”

During this season of anticipation and waiting, I wonder if Jesus grew wearied of waiting for his time to come? If he grew tired of wondering, “Am I there yet? Has my time come yet?” 

Where are you asking, “Am I there yet?” What is “there” for you?

Take heart, beloved, that you are not alone in your waiting. Christ stands alongside you, wondering with you, “Am I there yet?” Christ laments with you in this season just as much as Christ celebrates with you in those small moments of adoration as well. 


Loving God, we are grateful that while we might not be “there” yet — wherever “there” is for each of us — we ground ourselves in the certainty that waiting will not last forever, and that you will arrive on Christmas morn. Blessed are you who is coming, O Lord. Amen. 

Rev. Rachel Hébert

Campus Minister

UKirk Williamsburg

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