December 7

Read Psalm 126.

Remember When?

All the people of the world have been through so much, and the author of Psalm 126 could probably relate. The psalmist wrote this during a difficult time, as they describe many people sowing tears and weeping due to some hardship and suffering. Throughout the past eighteen months, there has been much weeping across the globe because of so much pain. The COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters, racial and social injustice, war, mental stress, and other tragedies are only some of the problems we currently face. 

The psalmist implores their audience to remember when God returned them to Zion rejoicing. In our time, many of us are in pain waiting while asking, “When can we rejoice?” and “Are we there yet?” When we are going through the most challenging times, the psalmist calls us to remember when we have felt God’s presence. When we doubt, may we remember an experience when the love of the Holy Spirit enveloped us. When we as a community hurt, may we remember Jesus right before His betrayal and arrest, calling His disciples to remember Him through the Eucharist. In the act of remembering, we find hope.  Hope for the present and hope for the future. It doesn’t take away the pain of the present, but in remembering Christ, we find hope that the love of God will never leave us.


Dear God, during this Advent season, as we journey through difficult times, may we remember You and the ways You have shown up for us in the past. May those memories bring us hope for a tomorrow filled with joy, peace, and love. 

Arise Campus Ministry

George Mason University & NOVA Community College

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