December 4

Read Luke 9:1-6.

Our passage today reminds us that as children of God we are empowered, equipped, and called to bring healing into our broken world. Many times it might not look the way we expect: a smile, a wave, a quick text to check in. Other times it will be bigger than we imagined, as we stand up against racism, discrimination, hatred. Whatever it looks like, I hope you remember that you are called to be a healer now, in whatever culture and context you find yourself. So go and spread the good news — healing for our world is at hand.

Death, sickness and pain

Everywhere we look dark

Broken hearts and weary souls 

Blood smeared faces and tears abound

Where O Lord is light?

Where O Lord is life?

How long O Lord must we journey?

Are we there yet? 

Prayers echo unanswered

Filling hospital hallways and darkened bedrooms

Injustice rages on 

We can’t hold on we cry

Are we there yet?

Suddenly, unexpectedly — a visitor

Whispered words of blessing

Warm hands tightly intertwined 

The fragrant oil of shared tears

Here O Lord is light!

Here O Lord is healing!

Good News declares — You are not alone!

We are here.


Great Healer of the world, may I remember the glorious vocation to which I am called. Embolden me to act as healer in our broken world; to bring good news to the poor, to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim release for captives, and liberation for prisoners, to comfort all who mourn. In doing so, bless me that I find my own healing in you as I seek to heal others. Amen. 

Rev. Brenna Overland

Head of Staff

First Presbyterian Church (Bay City, MI)

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