December 1

Read Luke 11:29-32.

As a child, I would read every sign we passed on the road during a long car ride. It didn’t matter if it was a familiar route, I literally read every sign. This peculiar habit stayed with me until high school. During a field trip, a teacher asked me why I read the signs on the road. I responded by saying that I just like to know where I’m going if I need to get back home. I needed to know all the places I’d been to feel secure that I could find my way back.  

As a clamoring crowd presses Jesus to provide them with a sign to prove his power, he calls them back to the signs that they and their ancestors have encountered along their life’s road. He calls them to remember Jonah’s 72 hours of wet sleep and the journey that the Queen of the Sheba makes to affirm all she heard about King Solomon’s wisdom. If a Prophet and a King provide hope to Nineveh and a Queen from Arabia, then surely Jesus, the son of God, would provide hope to this crowd, calling them to God’s word. 

There have been a multitude of signs to read over the past season and yet they call us back to the secure place where hope is found. In God’s abiding word. 


God of hope, help us to embrace the signs of your presence in our life’s journey. Grant us the awareness to remember all the ways we’ve experienced you in our past as a sign of how our present is leading us to our desired destination. Ashe.

Rev. Tamika Nelson

Executive Director

United Campus Ministry of Greater Houston

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