December 26

Read Psalm 148

The day after Christmas and all through the house, all things were stirring even my computer mouse! Yes, even after a flurry of gifts and exchanges, I find myself wanting to click, explore, add to the online cart. The beautiful Christmas holiday pause is now over, and we are again in a new season, at least according to consumer trends and the call of commercialism. Now we enter the season of returning, exchanging and preparing for the New Year.  

Yet as we rush into the new season and toward a new year, something feels incomplete, something yearns within us to stop, center our attention, and feel the depths of life with no price tag. The yearning is felt in the words of the Psalmist which cries out “Praise the Lord.” Today we hear the gracious invitation: 

“Let all of these praise the Lord’s name because only God’s name is high over all. Only God’s majesty is over earth and heaven…Praise the Lord”

(vv. 13-14)

The day after Christmas is a deep reminder of the fading nature of all things. Just as a present has a momentary high which rapidly turns to the desire for more, just as the connection to family and friends, then quickly turns into the hope for another get together…what truly satisfies? What truly and eternally does not change? Today we hear the call… “Praise the Lord.” It is as we praise the Lord that our hearts have the rest and wholeness we are ultimately seeking. 


Praise you oh Lord for being the One who magnificently creates; thank you for satisfying for our deepest hunger and thirsting. You graciously give us the ability to join with all of creation to celebrate you and our hearts are full of gratitude for this season to pause, rejoice, and to praise your greatness. Oh Lord…Praise You! 

Rob Musick

Campus Minister

UPIKE Campus Ministry

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