December 4

Read Jeremiah 1:4-10

OMG! I can’t do it. I’m too young!

These are the (modernized) cries of Jeremiah, in response to God’s call.  A call based on the mighty works of God who formed, set apart, and appointed Jeremiah as a prophet. Jeremiah’s doubts and objections are based on his evaluation of his own ability.  His cries are surely enhanced by the political atmosphere in Judah that is tenuous at best. Assyrian dominance is over, but trouble is brewing to the North and to the South. Jeremiah’s fears do not sway God. No, God goes on to give Jeremiah a more intense, and frankly, frightening preview of his prophetic call.  The good news is — God promises continued provision and presence with Jeremiah.

Advent calls us to Hope, Joy, Love, and Peace as we celebrate Christ’s coming into the world and watch with expectant hope for his coming again. Like Jeremiah, this is possible for us because of God’s promises, provision, and presence.  We cry out in dismay as Jeremiah did AND we cry out in praise and gratitude as God cares for and comforts us in the midst of trouble and turmoil. 


Creator God, 2020 has upended our world in almost every way possible.  Sickness. Death. Grief. Mental Anguish. Unemployment. Financial Stress. Lost Opportunities. Social Unrest. Political Division. Natural Disaster. Environmental Erosion. Christ our Savior, you know our suffering, you died for us, you rose for us, you lift us up, you pray for us, you are with us, you reign in victory for us. Spirit of the living God, we pray for your power, each moment, as we faithfully answer your call to love and serve. 

Rev. British Hyrams 

Campus Minister

PCM at NC Central University

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