December 23

Read Galatians 3:6-14

A Better Way 

In the passage today, Paul reminds us that Abraham entered into God’s family not by impressing God with his behavior, but by believing in God. Abraham’s faith alone brought him acceptance into God’s family.

As you read this, most of you are probably exhausted. You’ve spent hours trying to find the perfect gift for everyone. You’re beginning to worry if Amazon really can ship your gift in one day. Some of you have baked enough cookies or desserts to feed an army (or small campus ministry). Maybe you’ve traveled for hours or days to get to where you will celebrate Christmas.

You’re exhausted physically, emotionally, and spiritually from trying to impress other people. It’s ironic that as Christians we celebrate that we belong to God by faith alone, yet our celebrations of Christmas are often defined by doing a long list of actions to impress people and to feel like we belong.

Take a moment today to remember that we do not earn God’s love. We are selfish, broken, and weak people who celebrate Christmas because it was the birth of that little baby that allows us to fully experience acceptance into God’s family. Our value, our worth, and our strength come not from trying to impress God or other people, but is a gift that came in the form of a baby in a manger, as well as a man on a cross.


God, help us remember we do not earn our love from you, it is freely given. Show us how to celebrate Christmas as people already loved, and not trying to earn it.


Jon Keyser


Westminster Christian Fellowship at Georgia Tech

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