December 22

Read Isaiah 7:10-16.

In one moment 

the breath of his words vibrates the ears of a hearer.

Ahaz takes speech and turns it to reality.

A snap of fingers.

Gratification of the most instant variety.

But his own ears tremble with

the weight of Isaiah’s vision.

A wait familiar to many women.

Hagar, seeking relief from abuse,

calling out in the desert.

Vashti, refusing to entertain powerful men.

A claim upon her own body 

meaning certain exile from her own land.



At the birthing stool.

Ruth on the threshing floor. 

And Miriam. 

A song of waiting.

For freedom from slavery.

For entry into the promised land.

For return to community after seven days of exile.

They have all carried the wait that trickles down through voices. 

A heavy inheritance of story.

A way of being in relationship with Being. 

A form in which we see ourselves 

still waiting.


Infinite God who is with us in the wait, give us strength to see your story in action. Show us your work in the lives of those who have come before us. Bring us together into community so that we may create new stories of a world enacting your vision, for those who are here with us now and who are yet to come. Amen. 


Kate Trigger Duffert

Program Assistant for General Assembly Business

PC(USA) Office of the General Assembly

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