December 5

Read Psalm 72:1-7, 18-19

No one can rule a nation or a people (or really do anything) just based on their own ability. Everyone needs God. He will always defend us and bring everything that the world needs. His love will remain even after death. God is in everything that was, is in everything that is and will be in everything that is to come. He is with us always. Though it may be hard to see God in some situations, His love and care shines on us throughout all time. While there are tough times, we must not forget that He will always be righteous. He will always defend those who need defending and will be fair to even the ones who are cruel.


Dear God, 

Open our eyes to see the truth, open our ears to hear your word, and open our hearts to gain understanding and wisdom. We know that you are with us as we learn. Help us to seek you daily. 



Meaghan O’Donnell & Chrissy Stevens


UKirk at Schreiner University


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