December 4

Read Matthew 24:23-27

@God will arrive, when @God is not #trending.

Gurus announcing super-rich cars and fancy homes in return for your faith in Jesus are everywhere. It is a two-way traffic, announcing-selling Jesus for money and receiving money by investing one’s faith in Christ. The instant and constant buzz of this capitalist Gospel announces 24-7 God’s arrival right here if you can invest.

This proliferation of trending verses and chants put Christ’s piety to shame. A scintillating, repackaged version of the gospel has dethroned the Gospel. The signs and wonders announcing Christ’s presence via prosperity is the new Gospel, perhaps. Trending #gurus of the capitalist gospel are deceiving the gullible believers, announcing Christ’s arrival with #love. For these gurus, Christ will arrive only if the believers follow their message of a @prosperousChrist.

These cool new-age Christian gurus announce God’s love freely for all who can afford to donate a fat check. They say Christ is here and Christ is there, where the money is. The @guru pronounces that wealth will save you and me from the illnesses of the world till God arrives. Our God in Christ, who not even had a place to rest his head, has become the poster boy of capitalist wantonness.

“Poverty will be gone and afflictions will disappear” is the incessant chant that sounds almost like the love-thy-neighbor rule. Sadly, believers remain like the unattended paralyzed person at Bethesda. @God will arrive, when @God is not #trending; then we can hope this mode of manufacturing God will cease.


Oh! My God, save me from my self-serving assurances in a capitalist system that makes me believe as if you are only there where there is wealth. 


Trevor J Raj

Seminary Student

Union Presbyterian Seminary (Richmond, VA)


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