December 21

Read Hebrews 1:1-4.


Four more days to Christmas! There are still presents to buy and things left to do…all the things we forgot, all the things we have to remember. The days leading up to Christmas are usually chaotic and stressful. Whether we are waiting for the arrival of family from out of town, or we ourselves are frantically packing bags to leave, there is always something still left to do. However, our reading from Hebrews today feels like the writer is telling us to put the brakes on and remember: Remember what all this rushing around is for. Remember WHO all this rushing around is for. Remember that while we celebrate the birth of God’s Son, he didn’t remain a baby. He came in God’s power. Even as a little helpless child, he was the exact representation of God’s radiance. He has the power to purify sins. Remember that now as we get stressed out over what present to buy. As we get irritated with our family members. As we rush around, not seeing the hurt, or the fear in the people around us. When we take a breather and guilt overcomes us. Remember this: God gave us His Radiant Son to purify our sins. Let us thank him for that.


Pray: Radiant God, thank you for your Son. Thank you for seeing me, a sinner, and for loving me enough to sacrifice Your Best. Help me to see others, to forgive, and to accept forgiveness. Amen.

Rachel Mathews, MUW UKirk

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