December 31

Read Psalm 20

I’m always a bit surprised when the Bible starts talking about filling our heart’s desires. Somehow church always gave me the impression that my dreams were selfish unless they were about helping others. I worry about putting my dreams above others, above God. But here we are, with this psalm praying confidently for God to fill our heart’s desires.

That’s not the only prayer, of course: the psalm also prays for joy, for God’s presence and protection, for many chances to praise God.

This is a prayer for our lives to be full of good things, in other words. And dreams can be good, in the right context; they’re not always selfish. Sometimes we’re leaning into the gifts that God has given to us; sometimes we’re looking forward to how things will be. We dream of good things, just as God dreams of good things for all of us — not just for you, not just for our community or the people who look like us, but for every single person and for the entire world.



God, thank you for every good thing that you give us. We look forward to the time when every good thing that you dream of for your people will come true. Until then, show us the way. Amen.

Alina Kanaski


Chartiers Valley United Presbyterian Church/Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

(Carnegie, PA)

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