December 29

Read Matthew 2:13-23

Join the Journey

As college students, we are called to leave our homes for a period of time and make our home someplace else. Most of us are fortunate not to have to flee from our homes. Yet while we are away studying, we miss many momentous moments of family life: a sibling’s birthday, a meal with family.

Out of our hometowns and in far off places, we gather on campus for a common purpose: to study for a degree in hopes of making a better livelihood for ourselves. We do not know when or if we shall return to our families and friends as we make new ones in college.

Help us to see others who are on this journey, particularly those who have crossed borders and seas to be here in our places of wisdom and study.

We pray for those fleeing for their very lives across borders and boundaries, leaving their homes and not knowing if it will ever be safe to return.

We weep for all of those children lost to war and conflict, famine and disease.

We dream of the day when all God’s people will be welcomed home to a place of peace and prosperity, of safety and solace.


May we all step out of the shallows and into the shalom of this season of Christ’s birth. May the Prince of Peace, the One who comforts and consoles us, also challenge us to join the journey of the immigrant family across all borders and boundaries.

UKirk at UMich

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